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Leon Earnhardt


Nationality: Spanish
Birthdate: 5/18/2001
Sign: Taurus
Bloodtype: B
Height: 173 cm, 5'8"
Weight: 62 kg, 137 lbs
Family Members: father, mother, older brother, older sister


Team History:
Missing Link, 2020-


Career History:
Originally from NASCAR, a series in which he was actually successful. He's been in Cyber Formula since the 15th GPX in 2020, a debut year marked by a string of race retirements.

Info and Comments:

Leon is an overgrown kid who makes even Gudelhian look mature, as frightening as the thought may be. He lives his life in the present, with no thought for the consequences and nothing to keep his enormous energy in check. Hence his more than occasional difficulty in keeping the car on the track; Leon is hungry enough to win, but lacks the intense control and focus that racing also requires. Not that Leon's willing to take the blame for the accidents he causes, of course. Like Gudelhian, Leon continually fights with the same person, except in Leon's case it's no friendly rivalry--deadly foes is more the case between Henri and himself. To top it all off, he really likes to chase the pretty girls.


Apart from a just-too-cool-for-you sense of style, Leon is lacking in distinctive habits. He likes his mom's stew, doesn't like Chinese food, and collects figures. As of yet, he still lives in housing arranged by the team. His special skill is listed as--I'm not kidding here--"retiring." Ouch.

More Gudelhian-Leon comparisons: is it just me, or did Leon swipe Gudelhian's hairstyle? Also, both of them come from large families (if three kids is large, which it is in Cyber Formula world). Perhaps Leon and Gudelhian's larger-than-life personalities could be attributed to their early struggles to establish themselves in competition with and relation to their siblings. Or you could just claim that Leon was hastily invented as a spoiler for Saga, but I like my explanation better.


Leon's Voice Actor: Hayashi Nobutoshi
Birthday: June 10th
Bloodtype: A
Other Roles Include: Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi, Basara from Macross 7






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